Every year April 1st provides a glorious opportunity for music gear manufacturers to yank our chain with the release of new mind blowing new “products”. You might recall some fine examples like the Hexinverter Mutant Chicken or the Roland V-Cowbell.

This year was no exception. So without further adieu here is a roundup of our favourite product related April Fools Day pranks of 2018.

Serato x Tesla

What’s better then a self driving car? A self driving car that lets you DJ of course!

This isn’t the first time Tesla has been used to help perpetuate a DJ prank. NI were the originators with Tesla Traktor integration way back in 2016!

The Best April Fools Gear Pranks of 2018
2018 - Serato x Tesla Integration
The Best April Fools Gear Pranks of 2018
NI's 2016 Tesla Prank

Werner Hertzog – WernAcular

‘TruthTellers’ went all out with this one. Crazy production value, a great product name and narrator with all the panache of a middle aged David Attenborough. Even the outtake is brilliant!

Jeff Mills – The First DJ in Space

Elon has been busy this April Fools. He now brings the worlds most space obsessed DJ to space. In fairness, if there is was one act you want fly around the solar system listening to it would be Jeff.

According to MixMag (the publishers of the “story”) Musk, who sent a Tesla Roadster into space in February, caught wind of Jeff Mills’ recent hook-up with NASA and decided he was the right selector to be sent into outer space. Mills was to play for 12 hours on three turntables and the performance was to be streamed globally. 😂 😂 😂

Check out MixMag’s full story here.

Roli x Moog Memoryboard / Seamoog

We aren’t sure of the actual source of this one but it was “reported” by synthjam, and gearnews.  Regardless of who released it, the picture sent synth enthusiasts into a meltdown. The ‘frankensynth’ combines the classic highly coveted and collectable Memory Moog with Roli’s class-leading Seaboard. It goes without saying that this is the one you wished was real.

This isn’t the first time we have seen the Moog name pop up on April Fools Day. Check out one of our all-time favourite gear pranks, the Moog Polyphonic Theremin.

The Best April Fools Gear Pranks of 2018

Special Mention: Korg Mono/Poly Monopoly

Although released on April first, this one actually turned out to be true!

It’s also not the first time Korg has come good on what was thought to be an April Fools Day joke. In 2010 people thought Korg was pulling our leg with Ipad Electribe, and they were at it again in 2015 with the Canned Tuner.



So thats a wrap! We can’t wait to see what crazy devices come out of the wood work next year. PS If anyone at Moog or Roli are reading, get onto that Memoryboard!

Korg’s Monopoly x iMono/Poly is no April Fools Joke


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