Paul Bindig Echoes of Pink Floyd: Live Show Keyboard Set-Up

Echoes of Pink Floyd are dedicated to one goal: To authentically recreate the wonderful sights and sounds of one of the world’s greatest progressive bands. The Band is currently undertaking a tour around Australia and we have been fortunate enough to catch up with the their keyboard player Paul Bindig who has given us an exclusive look at his keyboard rig.

Transcription of Video

‘G’day, how’s it going? This is Paul from Echoes of Pink Floyd. Something I’m asked a lot after the show, when we meet the audience, is about my keyboard rig and what I use and how I get the different Pink Floyd sounds so I thought I’d do a quick clip, just quickly walk you through it and show you what we do and take you inside a few of the little tricks that we do here at Echoes of Pink Floyd.

I often get asked ‘Why do you use all KORG keyboards?’ and it’s a very simple answer. They get the job done, they’re very reliable and they sound fantastic. So the main pride and joy of my rig is the SV-1. The SV-1 is designed to specifically emulate vintage-style electric pianos so it’s a really good emulation of a Fender Rhodes or a Wurlitzer electric piano, and it’s got some really nice acoustic piano sounds as well. So we’ve got the standard acoustic sound but then we’ve got some of the other excellent electric pianos so we have all the sounds that we use for that really good Wurlitzer sound and the Rhodes So that does a really good job. Lovely action, it’s the RH3 action that KORG use. It feels a lot like a real acoustic piano.

Next we’ll move over to this one here, which is the KORG KROME, which is my real workhorse. So this does all sorts of cool sounds, pretty much any sound I need I can generate out of this piano. And all I do is, I have the various sounds lined up, as you can see the different songs we do, so I might have a sound for Dogs of War, that’s one for Shine On You Crazy Diamond And it gives us a whole variety of sounds, so this gives me all the different orchestral sounds and some of the synthesiser sounds I like to use, and it really supplements the piano. This is a really fantastic keyboard, very, very versatile. Lots of tricks it can do as well. So it’s the more unusual sounds that Pink Floyd have I can get out of this keyboard.

Over here we’ve got this amazing KingKORG synthesiser and what this keyboard is designed to do is it sounds like the old-fashioned synthesizers that Richard Wright himself used when he was playing with Pink Floyd. So there’s various sounds that I’ve got programmed in here and it’s designed to… well, it might sound like a Moog or I can make it sound like an Oberheim. It can really do just about anything when it comes to a vintage analogue synthesiser. It’s fully digital but the sounds that are produced are very fat and creamy. It’s absolutely lovely, it sounds fantastic. I’ve got all sorts of things programmed in here, I’ve got a lead here for One of These Days, a sound for Dogs, a whole range of cool things. A lead for Shine on You Crazy Diamond, some good old-fashioned string machine which imitates the ARP Solina. So it really gives me a whole range. Any old sound I want to get, I can just about get it out of here. So yeah, the great fat sounds in Sheep which we can do so that’s what we use that one for, it’s an absolutely brilliant bit of gear, it’s wonderful.

So just to let you in on one of my other little tricks, one of the other things we do here, we have my iPad, which I use to run various samples. So you’ll hear certain sound effects during the show, there might be an airplane or the cash registers in Money. We make all our own samples and we store them on here and we use them between Jason the drummer and (myself), we trigger all the samples in the show. So that’s something else that we do. Over here I’ve got my set lists and charts, some memory aids to help me remember which buttons to press on which keyboard in the midst, in the hurly-burly of a show, on my tablet here. And over here I run the video projections, and you can see it’s just on the still for Time at the moment. Again, we make all our own video projections and we run them through the laptop.

I hope you enjoyed that tour of my keyboard rig. As I said, I get asked a lot about it and I love using it.

Big shout out to anyone who’s coming along to our shows, thanks very much for watching. See you later.’

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