Entech Roadshow 2018 Wrap

Touring each Summer, the tech community gathers for seminars, professional development, and a tradeshow called Entech Roadshow which has come to a close for 2018 with the last show having just wrapped up!

The Entech 2018 Roadshow has come to a close with the last show having just wrapped up!

Brisbane hosted the first show back on the 20th Feb at the Royal International Convention Centre, rolled into Melbourne where the event was moved with only a few days’ notice from the Crown Casino to the Melbourne Convention Centre and finished up in Perth this week

From the “annual cable rolling” competition and with all the major players such as AVE, CMI Audio, Meyer Sound (U.S.), Sound And Music and more on show , the event was as popular in attendance as ever.

There was plenty of Audio and Lighting demos but the most [popular event was HAPPY HOUR: from 4.30pm until 6pm.

We’d like to share some of the pics and videos from the Roadshow.


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