Learn to play Vulfpeck's Dean Town

For all you avid bass players and followers of Joe Dart from Vulfpeck, we have found a video teaching you the bassline to “Dean Town”

Vulfpeck is an American funk band that was formed in 2011 by a group of then-music school students at the University of Michigan. Since the band’s first public release—a YouTube video showcasing the track “Beastly”—Joe Dart’s energetic and nuanced bass-playing has been a reoccurring point of praise for the group.

Today, courtesy of Reverb’s Jake Hawrylak is in the studio to show showcase Dart’s dynamic playing by teaching the bassline to the song—”Dean Town”

Dean Town is a song that has quickly become a “bass player’s anthem” because of its persistently groovy and engaging bassline. The song is filled with lots of accenting 16th notes and pentatonic flourishes. Check out the full video below to see it all break down.

Thank to REVERB.


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