Player Profile: Josh Smith

Josh Smith is the founder, guitarist and self-confessed guitar nerd of Australian heavy band Northlane. Is this video, Josh explains in great detail of his rig and how it all works together. We also get a closer look at his Custom Shop Jackson B7 and an insight on what features he went with and why. Some of the other gear he mentions is his Kemper and array of pedals.

To be honest, his rig is huge! He has multiple Overdrives, Delays & Modulations which covers a lot of soundscapes for the live shows.

Here more about it here:

Northlane are set to release their first live album ‘Analog Future’ on March 16th. The band recorded every show in 2017 and collated 10 of their most memorable performances in to one album.

The band says:

“Your favourite songs might sound a little different, and you might hear a few mistakes, but that’s live music in its realest form”

“Analog Future is Northlane like you’ve never heard us on record before – aggressive, in your face, and right in the room with you”

In celebration of the project, the band will be playing the UNSW Roundhouse on the night on release night with Justice for the Damned, Resist the Thought & DVSR.

“This will mark our FINAL Australian headline concert for 2018, and foreseeable future with a career spanning set”

Listen to Citizen live from Melbourne on Youtube now:


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