Superbooth 2018 Round-up

In only 3 short years Superbooth has become one of the largest, if not the largest, synth events on the planet. The annual event is littered with daily workshops, events and performances — there is even a swimming pool open to punters and exhibitors in need of some downtime. This year the event played host to over 230 exhibitors and thousands of eager synth enthusiasts. Besides hordes of performances and activities, the show also presents an opportunity for synth manufacturers to unveil new products and give punters a first look at their up and coming releases. Superbooth 2018 provided no exception and we have compiled a rundown of some of the biggest and best products shown at the event.

Dave Smith Sequential Circuits X Synthesiser

  • While the synth giant had teased the product prior to Superbooth, the event provided for the ‘official release’ and the first time punters and reviewers could get hands on with the instrument. Designed in collaboration with sampling gurus 8DIO, the Sequential Circuits X contains 150gb of high quality onboard samples and 8 voices of pure stereophonic polyphony (switchable into 16 voices of monophonic polyphony). Besides the sampling engine the synth has 2 onboard analog oscillators. Check it out here.
Superbooth 2018 Round-up

IK Multimedia – Uno Synth

  • IK multimedia entered the synth market with the release of the Uno Synth – an affordable analog mono synth. The synth was created in collaboration with Sound Machines (who developed the circuit design) and is expected to retail for around €199.
Superbooth 2018 Round-up

Behringer Release More Clones

  • Behringer have continued the trend of releasing affordable remakes of highly coveted and collectible synths with the unveiling of the Pro One, RD-808 and Odyssey prototypes. As you may have guessed, the instruments are clones of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Roland TR-808 and Arp Odyssey respectively. All three products are still in the R&D stages, and Behringer have not given a firm deadline for release of the Odyssey or the Pro One, however the company have said that they expect to begin mass production on the RD-808 in 1-2 months with an expectation to ship the first units in August.
Superbooth 2018 Round-up
Superbooth 2018 Round-up
Superbooth 2018 Round-up

Roland – New System 500 Modules

  • Roland added to their System 500 Eurorack lineup with 4 new modules: 510 (Synth), 505 (VCF), 555 (Lag/S&H), 531 (Mix).

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5

  • Omnisphere, one of the worlds most powerful soft synths now gets even better with hardware synth integration. Version 2.5 adapts Omnisphere to work with a host of hardware synths right out of the box. This means that supported hardware now has the ability to control Omnispheres various parameters using the hardware knobs and ecoders without any sort of mapping. But this function is deeper then just a simple midi map of parameters. Each synth profile is different and has been adapted to follow the workflow of the synth. Among the currently supported synths are: Korg Minilogue, Moog Voyager, Sequential Prophet 6, Roland System 8, Behringer Deepmind and a whole lot more.

Korg Prologue Development Board

  • Korg announced that they would be releasing a development board which will allow users to code for the digital oscillator and the effects . The board will work in conjunction with Korg’s SDK and permit coding and testing without needing to own a Prologue.


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