Ninja Tune & Erica Synths Team Up For Wild Desktop Delay/Filter/Drive FX Unit

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What happens when a founder of one of the most influential and forward-thinking electronic music labels (and a well respected electronic music performer in his own right) goes to the Superbooth Synth Show and gets chatty with a synth company that’s never shied away from trying new things? This:

Thought up by Matt Black (Ninja Tune, Coldcut) and longtime friend Dr Walker (Liquid Sky artist collective / Air Liquide), The Zen Delay is a desktop FX processor consisting of a bpm-synced digital stereo delay, analogue voltage controlled multi-mode filter and a genuine valve-powered drive circuit. There is no screen or menu-diving to speak of, this straight forward, knob-per-function unit that’s designed for immediacy.

According Erica Synths; “Crafted in close collaboration with DJs and producers, the Zen Delay was uniquely developed with both live and studio use in mind and is suitable for many different performance situations, musical styles and instruments. While most delay devices are designed as ‘stomp boxes’ for guitarists, the device is equally powerful in the hands of electronic music producers, artists and DJs, adding a unique, warm and powerful sonic character to drum machines, loops, vocals, synths, samples or any other source. Even full tracks or a live stereo mix can be enhanced by the combination of analogue and digital circuitry, breathing new life into iPad performances and giving traditional digital synths and drum machines a huge kick.”

It’s got a bit of a price tag on it (especially for us Aussies *shakes fist at flailing AUD*), but pre-orders are up now here.

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