Novation Unveil the SL MkIII: All in One Keyboard Controller

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Overnight, Novation unveiled the SL MkIII, an all-in-one keyboard controller that fuses MIDI control and with surprisingly, an in-built eight-track polyphonic sequencer.

It is obvious that this new incarnation has been designed for numerous workflow types and with the multiple ways that people like to write, produce and perform electronic music.

You get a full-featured, eight-track sequencer – so you no longer have to depend on a computer for that function, that was originally built for the Novation Circuit, is designed to be an all-in-one central hub of your music-production life, integrating with software DAWs and plug-ins as well as hardware synths, beat-makers and modular equipment.

It appear obvious that Novation worked with Ableton to create a fluid integration with Live. The colour LCD screens give you full visibility of the Ableton parameters, while the pads, buttons, eight faders and eight knobs allows get you hands-on control.

There is of course integration with any major music software, using InControl with Logic and Reason – plus HUI compatibility with Cubase, Pro Tools and Reason.

There is a both a 49 and 61 note version:

Novation Unveil the SL MkIII: All in One Keyboard Controller

Some Key Features:

  • The 8-track, polyphonic sequencer is both a step and live sequencer, it records automation, and you can edit right from the keyboard.
  • Arpeggiator onboard.
  • USB, MIDI in, MIDI out, second MIDI thru/out
  • Clock/transport controls for MIDI and analog, which also run standalone
  • Three pedal inputs
  • Eight faders and eight knobs, handy for mixing (there’s DAW support for all major DAWs, plus dedicated Logic and Reason integration)
  • Color LCDs
  • RGB over the keys, and also color-coded RGB on the pitch and mod wheel as track indicators
  • Velocity sensitive RGB pads with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Cloud backup/restore of templates and sessions

For more info check out the Novation’s website

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