Office Beats with Tascam DR-05X & Native Instruments Maschine MK3

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When creativity strikes and you’re in need of a beat, sound effect or any other musical sonics, you can quite literally turn any surrounding into a musical playground, the only limitation being your imagination.

To prove this theory, we took to the office with a  Tascam DR-05X  Handheld Recorder, grabbed some typical office “instruments” that we had at our disposal and recorded these slams, slaps, taps, whooshes, clacks, smacks and shakes. We then transferred them into the Native Instruments Maschine MK3 for a little juicy processing, mashed them together for a performance and voila, we got ourselves some tasty “office beats”, easy as that.

Check out the accompanying video to see and hear how we captured each sound source and processed them into the final beat. Hit us up with any suggestions and stay tuned for more ideas, where we take other environments and turn them into a musical wonderland.

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