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There’s no denying that performance wise, Apple’s M1 chip is fantastic. It’s super fast, incredibly efficient, and best of all, won’t cost you an ARM and a leg. That being said it is a fundamental change from the previous (or current) generation of Intel processors so there will undoubtedly be a challenging period of transition for adventurous Mac aficionados looking to…

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It seems these days that most bass guitar manufacturers like ESP Guitars, Ibanez and Fender are producing 5-string bass guitars, so it seems logical there are a lot more bassists playing them. Years ago, 5-strings purely seemed to be the domain of funk and metal players looking for extended range, but in recent times we’ve seen a swathe of rock and…

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With the recent arrival of the new JBL EON ONE Compact and hype surrounding this portable battery-powered PA, we thought it prudent to check out what else is out there in portable battery-powered PA land. We’re sure most will be familiar with the Bose S1 Pro System, which has somewhat set the bar in this style and form factor of portable…

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Today we’re looking at three of the best value digital pianos on the market to find out what makes them different, and decide if one stands out from the rest. We have the Yamaha P45, the Korg B2, and the Casio CDP-S100. They all look very similar and sell in Australia for under $700, so how are they different from each…

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If you own a modular Eurorack system, or maybe a self-contained semi-modular synth like the Arturia Minibrute 2 or the Korg Volca Modular, you’re no doubt familiar with the process of sending control voltage signals between hardware components via patch cables. But what about between hardware and software? And why on Earth would this be useful? Ableton recently announced a fascinating…

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