Pioneer DJ Release DJM-S7 Battle DJ Mixer with Some Cool New Features

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Having only just released the DJM-S11, Pioneer is back with a treat that is sure to please those DJs looking for a more affordable variant of Pioneers popular DJM-S9 DJ mixer. The DJM-S7 follows the industry-standard design layout for battle DJ mixers set in place by the Pioneer DJM-S9 and enables free use of Serato DJ Pro. To keep costs down the hardware does away with some of the premium features of the DJM-S11, however, includes a few surprising features that will surely cop some interest.

The DJM-S7 maintains that familiar 2 channel layout of the S series mixers, with what looks to be an updated pad section, fewer FX buttons and lacks the visual display screen from that of the DJM-S11. The 8 pads, Magvel Fader Pro, FX paddles all remain however they have been slightly tweaked to fit a smaller form factor although but it’s safe to say there’s a lot going on here.

The DJM-S7 includes a Bluetooth input to add audio from your phone, allowing phone connections at the ready in case your laptop crashes, of if you would like to play some loops to scratch over. Pioneer made mention that it could be used to play a track request from someone in the audience which sounds hilarious to me but in practice, this would be useful to many DJs.

A new feature called Loop MIDI is also included which is a new type of automated control over DJ software which repeatedly sends a MIDI signal in a set beat cycle, useful for creating interesting mix transitions. So for example, if you have a snare or hi-hat sample loaded in Serato’s sampler, you could create a drum roll by gradually shortening the sub-division of the sound, a little like how the note repeat function works on Maschine.

Other features include a USB hub on the back, Serato DVS integration, Pitch ’n Time DJ licence, and Rekordbox performance features will be unlocked.

  • 16 performance pads
  • Large track load section
  • Includes 22 Beat FX
  • Effect levers for software effects and Beat FX
  • Multiple pad modes
  • Magvel Fader Pro crossfader
  • Built-in USB hub

Check it out here: https://www.pioneerdj.com/en-au/product/mixer/djm-s7/black/overview/#info

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