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Melbourne guitarist Gillan Norman-Funk Gregory Jnr takes 5 to chat to us about his early influences, gear and gigs…

Who were your early influences when you first picked up guitar?

After my older sister teaching me Nirvana and going through an obsessive Offspring phase I then saw the light when my guitar teacher introduced me to John Fruciante’s guitar playing on Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik album. His playing on that album really influenced me. My guitar teacher then got me onto Jazz so then it became John Scofield, Wes Montgomery, Mike Stern & George Benson. I would be lying if I didn’t say Steve Vai and Joe Satriani weren’t important but I don’t think I sound or play anything like them.

What album can’t you stop listening to right now?

These aren’t very guitar heavy but…. Anomalie – Metropole and Bernard Wright – ‘Nard

What is the best piece of guitar gear you have ever bought? What is the worst?

The best is my Nash TK52, It’s my workhorse.

Worst is probably my first multi effects:  Zoom 505, but I did think it was the most amazing thing at the time.

What is the most memorable gig you have played in the last 10 years?

Playing in New York in front of one of my favourite guitarists Eric Krasno (Soulive, Tedeschi Trucks Band) as he was friends with our sound engineer. Unfortunately our sound completely screwed up so the singer and I had to swap places so he could use my mic (so now I was out in front playing guitar looking like the front man) I genuinely thought I played like balls but Eric was nice and seemed to enjoy it.

What’s next for Gillan Norman-Funk Gregory JNR?

Currently working on a solo project so stay tuned this year!

Gillian Norman-Funk Gregory JNR


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