Portable Battery Powered PA Comparison: Bose S1 Pro & JBL EON ONE Compact

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With the recent arrival of the new JBL EON ONE Compact and hype surrounding this portable battery-powered PA, we thought it prudent to check out what else is out there in portable battery-powered PA land.

We’re sure most will be familiar with the Bose S1 Pro System, which has somewhat set the bar in this style and form factor of portable PA systems. In this video, we compare these two units checking out what features they share in common and what’s unique about each, whilst also looking at what applications are applicable for each model. We also capture a basic recording of each model, playing the same piece of music into an AKG 414XLS mic, measured at a distance of 1/2 a meter running into a Universal Audio Apollo 8X unison mic pre.

We recommend using good quality headphones or monitors to hear these recordings at their best.

Freq Response: 37.5 Hz – 20 kHz 62 Hz – 17 kHz
Woofer Size: 8” 6”
Sensitivity (SPL): 112 dB 109 dB
Mixer: 4 channels 3 channels
EQ: 4 band (via app) 2 band
Phantom / Hi-Z: Yes / Yes No / * ToneMatch
Ducking: Yes No
Headphone Jack: Yes No
Effects: Yes Yes
Bluetooth: Streaming + control of 4 units Streaming only
App DSP Control: Yes No
USB: External charging No
Battery Life: 12 hrs 11 hrs
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm: 399 x 255 x 291 330 x 241 x 286
Net Weight: 8 kg 7.1 kg

*ToneMatch is Bose’s technology which helps microphones and instruments sound natural when either source is plugged into a ToneMatch enabled input. 

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