Radial EXTC-Stereo Reamper Brings Your Stereo Guitar Pedals to the Studio

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Radial is synonymous with high quality DI boxes and they’ve come out with a new addition to their EXTC line.

The EXTC Stereo effects re-amper takes a stereo output of an interface/mixer, run it through the EXTC box into a guitar pedal (or pedal chain) and then run it back into that interface/mixer. With a class-A buffer and a high-grade transformer the EXTC gives a clean signal free of any buzz or hum and allows the signal to be blended between dry and wet giving even more control over the sound.  

You can of course, already do this within DAW recording software and plugging straight from your interface into the pedal. But many guitar pedals are very sensitive to input level, clipping easily with hotter line-level signals. Adjusting the gain on the outputs then leaves you with a weak signal that needs to be amplified when sent back into your DAW. This gain-staging problem can expose some noise and buzz in your signal when re-amplified. Radial’s EXTC-Stereo is designed to overcome that problem with high grade components.

This opens a whole new world for artists who have guitar pedals as they will have the ability to run anything through them – even their own vocals! Want that sweet Source Audio Nemesis delay on your acoustic guitar recording? Chuck it through the EXTC !

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