Reasons to Buy More Music Studio Gear

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It’s very easy to suggest buying more Music Gear for your Studio will improve your Music Productivity, but is that really the case? If you have gear you’re familiar with, surely your productivity will be on the increase as there’s no need to learn about new gear or read through manuals, meaning you can get on with the task of making music. But it’s also logical to want the best and latest gear for ourselves, otherwise FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicks in, and we tell ourselves “this is what I need to make great music”, which, as we know, is often to the detriment to our bank balances.

However, we all know of case studies where making great music doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and there is now a lot of gear available which performs better than older products which were vastly more expensive new. So, if your brain is saying “I only need the latest synth, better spec A-D converters, and a faster Mac as it will finish my setup”, we are here with some great reasons to help justify your next studio gear purchase, and complete your dream studio.

Reasons to Buy More Music Studio Gear

Because you need to be inspired

A new piece of gear, like a Native Instruments MASCHINE, can offer you a completely different perspective on your music making, providing inspirational sounds or samples, bringing about a completely new creative workflow you may never have considered.

Because it was cheaper than you expected

Music stores are always going to want your business, so there is no harm in asking for a better price, especially when you could walk out with a bargain! You will feel better knowing you’ve got the gear you wanted and saved money in the process, and the store owner will be satisfied knowing money hasn’t just walked out the door.

Because I need something new

Retail therapy is a thing, and you desperately need a new toy to mess around with.

Because it’s an amazing deal

Sometimes the deal is just too good to pass up, such as is the case with the current Universal Audio promotion where a user receives a free UAD-2 Satellite with any Apollo rack purchase.

Because you absolutely need it

Let’s say you have a specific project that requires a specific sound, or are partnering with another studio, where it makes sense to match their setup more closely for the sake of productive workflow. If you need to make a 80s styled track, you don’t need to go and spend a small fortune on a vintage synth, because you can buy one of the many brilliant sample collections/software instruments from Arturia or Native Instruments for less and put the saving towards something else …

Reasons to Buy More Music Studio Gear
Reasons to Buy More Music Studio Gear

Let’s hope this little article has inspired you to go out and find more “Reasons to Buy Music Studio Gear”


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