RELOOP Drop New ELITE mixer & RP-8000MK2 Turntable

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Reloop’s new Elite DJ mixer and RP-8000MK2 turntable offer futuristic features to entice digital DJs who crave the turntable and battle mixer setup at a price that is sure challenge the status quo.

Mere days since world renowned turntable manufacture Technics made their return into the DJ market with their announcement of the 1200 Mk7 turntable – German company RELOOP drop a bomb shell that is sure to make ripples in the turntable market for DJing. Along with the RP-8000mk2, Reloop announced the ELITE DJ Mixer that looks like a direct competitor to the popular Pioneer DJM-S9 and RANE Seventy-Two battle mixer taking on the 2-channel format with 16 RGB pads and deep Serato integration.

RP-8000Mk2 Turntable.

Let’s be clear – this has been designed exclusively for digital DJ’s running DVS vinyl and Serato. And whilst it obviously will play “real vinyl” any DJ not using a laptop will probably avoid this product. Having said that the RP-8000MK2 is packed with a tonne of features which will raise the brows of many turntablist DJs around the world. Features include

  • 8 RGB pads with 7 performance modes for control over Serato DJ Pro’s Cue, Sampler, Saved Loops, Pitch Play, Loops, Loop Roll, and Slicer
  • Browse encoder to load/browse tracks directly from the turntable
  • MIDI compatible controls to allow it to work with any DJ software
  • Real Time LC display – Show’s information regarding BPM, Pitch, scales and notes, deck assignment, track time.
  • Platter Play – Platter Play mode allows users to control the platter’s pitch via the performance pads. A total of 22 scales and 34 notes are at your disposal with an option to create up to 9 user-defined scales.
  • High-resolution itch section with digital fader – +/- 8 +/-16 and a massive ultra pitch mode of +/-50
  • Intergrated phono pre amp
  • Smart USB connection that allows up to 4 turntables to be daisy-chained from a single USB port, and they will assign themselves automatically
  • Second output – Allowing it to be connected to two mixers at the same time


With the Elite, Reloop have taken on Pioneer’s DJM-S9 and Rane’s Seventy-Two, whose 2-channel battle mixers with the 16RGB pads above each fader has become the new standard for scratch mixers, and due to the popularity of this design format it’s not a bad idea. Reloop has added more than enough features that will please DJ’s whilst maintaining a cheaper price tag than its competitors, having said that, if you’re a not already a Serato user you might look elsewhere.

  • 2 Channel battle Mixer
  • 12 performance modes per deck with 16 velocity sensitive RGB pads
  • 3 mini Innofader Pro (latest generation) on-board faders (cross and upfaders)
  • 2 high-contrast OLED displays showing real-time information of effects, BPM, beat divisions and
  • Smart link USB hub – connect storage media, smart phones of MIDI controllers
  • 2x OLED displays & dedicated loop control
  • Includes Serato DJ Pro with DVS expansion and two Serato control vinyls and a 90 day BPM Supreme membership
  • Colour-coded Tweak FX (similar to Color FX) – stand-alone bi-pole effects knobs (Filter, Crush, Flanger, White Noise and user mode)
  • Two independent effect units for controlling Serato DJ Pro FX with 3 assignable effect slots, each with dedicated activation buttons


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