Roland Unveils 3 New Products for 2018

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September has become quite the month for new gear announcements, and Roland is getting in on the action with the launch of three new drum and synthesiser products.

We are sure as the season hots up there will be more and more new products announcements from a variety of manufacturers. We have already heard from Universal Audio with their new range of Audio Interfaces the Apollo X, and Native Instruments launching up to 12 New Products. So here is what Roland have on offer!

AX-Edge Keytar

Roland has unveiled the AX-Edge Keytar, a performance synthesizer designed to be played in a standing position with a shoulder strap. Building on decades of refinement and input from artists around the world, the AX-Edge features 49 full-sized keys and a professional sound set crafted specifically for keytarists. It also offers a sleek, modern design with the unique ability to interchange Edge Blades and customize the instrument’s look. Compact and battery operated, the AX-Edge is a powerful mobile instrument that enables performing keyboardists to take center stage and put their music in the spotlight.

Roland Unveils 3 New Products for 2018

The AX-Edge delivers a striking presence that makes any live player stand out. Models are available in black or white finishes, and the black model features an all-black keyboard for a dark, sophisticated appearance. Each AX-Edge model comes with an extra Edge Blade in the box (a silver Edge Blade for the black model and a gold Edge Blade for the white), allowing the player to create a fresh look that complements their personal performance style.

More info: https://www.roland.com/au/products/ax-edge/

TD-1DMK V-Drums

Roland has unveiled an all-new entry-level V-Drums kit, the TD-1DMK, with the express aim of getting beginners up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Very much a plug-and-play beast, the kit offers 15 preset kits and multiple onboard coaching modes, most of which are designed with timing and feel in mind. You’ll also be able to connect to a windows/mac Melodics app, which offers free, progressive play-along lessons.

The all mesh-head kit is also being pitched as quieter than its competitors for a harmonious home life, and lightweight enough to move around the house easily, weighing in at just 7kg.

The snare and toms are tension adjustable, too, so can offer stronger stick-resistance than most mesh offerings, so that as you progress you can tweak the feel accordingly. Finally, the kick is compatible with the pedal of your choice, including double-kicks.

More Info: https://www.roland.com/au/products/td-1dmk/

JUNO-DS76 Performance Synth

Roland already had 61- and 88-note Juno-DS synths on its roster, and now it’s bridging the gap with the launch of the Juno-DS76.

Designed for those who want something a little more portable than the Juno-DS88, but still with a keyboard large enough for serious playing and splits, this is a performance-friendly 16-part instrument that contains more than 1,200 patches, 30 drum kits and 64 performances. There are effects and a pattern sequencer, and if you hook the keyboard up to a computer over USB, you can engage DAW control mode.

Roland Unveils 3 New Products for 2018

For keyboardists who mostly play organ, synth, and other sounds, the 76-note keyboard on the provides increased playing comfort when different sounds are assigned to the upper and lower note ranges. The keys are also a little longer than a standard synth keyboard, offering a playing feel that’s smooth and consistent no matter where the key is pressed. And with a weight of just /6.9 kg, the JUNO-DS76 is much more portable than typical 76-note synths.

More Info: https://www.roland.com/au/products/juno-ds/juno-ds76/