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History of Strat

History: Fender Stratocaster Back in the 50’s

The Fender Stratocaster is the unassuming classic electric guitar—a worldwide quintessential icon that leaps to mind at the very mention of the phrase electric guitar. Maybe that’s because it was so well designed to start with that it has existed largely unchanged for 60 years now, allowing
Fender Ed O’Brien: Signature EOB Sustainer Strat Guitar

Fender: Ed O’Brien Signature EOB Sustainer Strat Guitar

[addtoany] Twenty years after its release, Radioheads OK Computer stands as a landmark moment in the history of contemporary music, combining technological innovation with intense feelings of isolation and despair to perfectly bookend one of the most tumultuous decades of the century. Fusing electronic elements

Tips on Choosing the Best Guitar Pickups

Let’s get straight to the point, we’re going to talk about guitar pickups, the variations in pickups, why you would use different types of pickups and guitars for distinctive tones. We do have our favourites but there have definitely been occasions where we have used

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