Shape Your Sound with ‘The Sweeper’ a New Plug-in Release from Denise

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Denise has certainly kept their promise of releasing great little plug-ins that are easy to use, loaded with tons of character while creating surprising results and their newest release “The Sweeper” doesn’t disappoint.

The Sweeper is a tool for dynamic frequency Sweeping that sets its frequency based on the source or side-chain signal. According to Denise’s Enrico Tiberi ‘The inspiration for The Sweeper came from mixing a lot of stuff where I had to automate filters all the time to clean up tracks and create resonances on the spot”, he says. Going from there, we developed The Sweeper: A more natural-sounding alternative to side-chain compression and gating, and a creative tool that lets you completely reshape your sound.

There are three major use cases for The Sweeper. Firstly, use it instead of side-chain compression for a more natural, balanced sound. Secondly, reduce a noisy vocal without gating. Thirdly, The Sweeper offers endless options to creatively shape your synths, drums and vocal parts. Sweep away – it’s all up to your imagination.

The Sweeper highlights:

  • New GUI style.
  • Adaptive filter & interactive graph.
  • Side-chain input, making the plugin a good alternative for side-chain compression and allowing more creativity by receiving multiple envelope inputs.
  • Define the filter’s desired start and end frequency with an option to flip its direction.
  • Precisely control the filter’s behaviour over time with Attack & Release.
  • Go from subtle to extreme resonance for a wide range of use cases.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Work offline without dongles or complex licence managers.


The Sweeper is now available on the Denise website (formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX) and at a current promotional price,

Download a free trial and find examples and productions tips at denise.io.

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