Sinevibes Release ‘Bent’ for Korg Prologue & Minilogue xd Digital Multi-Engine

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Sinevibes have just released their second custom-developed digital synthesis engine designed to run on Korg’s Multi-Engine, featured in the Prologue and new Minilogue xd synths. Called Bent, Sinevibes say they’ve implemented  a novel synthesis method called ‘bent-wave frequency modulation’, developed by Sinevibes themselves. Bent combines a classic FM-style modulator+carrier pair of sine oscillators with a unique bender module, which changes the modulator signal’s curvature, phase, and time symmetry. 


  • Two sine oscillators with unique module that “bends” curvature, phase, and time symmetry before the frequency modulation stage.
  • Five different output waveforms with variable shape and harmonic balance.
  • Built-in lag filters for noise-free, ultra-smooth parameter adjustment and modulation.
  • Built-in LFO with widely adjustable frequency (0.1 to 10 Hz).
  • Built-in envelope generator with widely adjustable attack and decay times (1 ms to 10 s).

Soundwise, Bent looks to bring a smooth and glassy quality to the Korg synths, adding a timbre not so easily achieved with gritty analogue VCOs. Compared to some FM-style synthesis that explores wilder, more experimental sounds, Bent sounds very usable for a variety of genres.

Korg opened their digital multi-engine for third-party developers to play with via their Software Development Kit after the release of their flagship synth Prologue, at the beginning of 2018.  NAMM 2019 saw the announcement of the Minilogue xd, a smaller and more budget friendly synth featuring a similar synthesis architecture to the Prologue: 2 analogue VCOs + Multi-Engine, so no doubt we’ll be seeing many more custom Multi-Engine options throughout the year. It’s an exciting time for Korg synthesisers!

Bent is available to buy from Sinevibes here, for US$29.

Check out the demo below.

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