Soundcraft Releases V3 Firmware Update For Ui Digital Consoles

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The increasingly popular Soundcraft Ui series digital mixers have just seen a beastly firmware update with the release of the Ui24R V3 firmware.

What’s New?

When the Ui24R’s version 2 firmware was released with such an array of new features, we wondered what could Soundcraft possibly do with their next update to top V2. Well, V3 has some seriously hot new features to talk about and we couldn’t be more excited!

The most exciting new feature users will be raving about is the ability to cascade two Ui24R together. That’s right, you can now control two units from one browser for increased I/O and even more flexible routing and setups. Users can now enjoy 32 channels of audio to be streamed each way between the Master and Slave units.


Another exciting new feature is the addition of the cue’s layer. Cue’s can now be saved and recalled without any delay from within the shows/snapshots screen for parameter changes such as Mix and Aux levels, pan, mute, changes of Aux and FX pre/post, FX send levels, mute, and FX Master level, Master balance and Master Aux level. This allows users to have sophisticated parameters saved in their system for smooth changes without affecting the flow of a show.


A new display mode has been added as part of BigD mode. There is now an INFO mode, which displays more detailed channel specific information including mini display or comp, gate and EQ curves plus value bars of SEND values to FX and AUX. Very handy.


There’s now a dedicated UDP display mode, which gives UDP commands its own trigger panel providing access to both UDP triggers and MIX faders at the same time.

A feature requested by many users has been added and that being reverb/room pre-delay. This can be utilized in tablet mode to give users more flexibility when using reverb/room FX.

There’s a bunch of other features that have been added such as a brighter channel select border so you always know what channel you’ve selected, easy double click go to and return of gate/comp and EQ when editing in BigD mode, more accessible editing in pop up menu’s, “slow mode” for fine-tuning vertical sliders, multitrack session renaming plus much, much more, probably too much to mention in this article.

Not Playing Favourites

As for the updates in the Ui16 and Ui12, these smaller sibling mixers have got some nice updates that came with the V2 Ui24R update of last year. Features such as BigD mode (including INFO page) have been added amongst others to give these mixers a nice update into 2019.

You can download the new firmware update via the Ui24R page on the Soundcraft website.  Check out these fantastic new features for yourself and enjoy an even more satisfying experience using your Ui series mixer. Happy mixing!

Visit the Soundcraft UI24R You Tube Channel for all the V3 Update Videos:


6 thoughts on “Soundcraft Releases V3 Firmware Update For Ui Digital Consoles”

  1. Sheldon Grant says:

    The Ui16 should have the cascade feature too. 12 XLR channels x 2 would still be 24 channels total and cost less then Ui24. The only thing I can see is that your sales of the Ui24 would drop because we could buy two Ui16 for $1100 and get 24 channels which is more that enough for any gig. The Ui24 is sold for $1450.

  2. Fred Beck says:

    The UI24R manual addendum is extremely vague on what parameters are included and excluded from a cue vs. a snapshot. From one section of a performance to another I have mostly mute groups changing and occasionally the master volume. Are mute groups be part of this “Mix and Aux levels, pan, mute” described above?

    1. Noisegate says:

      Hi Fred, We are looking into this for you and will respond once we have an answer for you

    2. Noisegate says:

      Hi again Fred, The following info is taken directly from the UI24R Firmware V3 addendum.

      CUE data recall only the following list of parameters:

      Mix Level
      Mix Pan
      Mix Mute
      Aux Send Level
      Aux Pan
      Aux Mute
      Aux Pre/Post
      FX Send Level
      FX Mute
      FX Pre/Post
      HOST Level
      HOST AUX Level
      HOST Balance

      Super handy for quite changes during a song, as CUE changes are instantaneous.
      In a nutshell, CUE’s can’t change DSP parameters, snapshots can. Ala if you want to change an FX type, EQ parameter, comp/gate etc, you need to do this in a snapshot and do these changes between songs
      Hope this helps

  3. Bill says:

    My ui24 has a new problem. About the 3rd set of a gig it appears to “reboot” itself, though only lasts for maybe 20 seconds. All audio stops pc screen goes white. Then pips back on. Why? Nothing is plugged into the USB except a mouse. PC monitor has its own AC power it only plugs in to the HDMI port. Why???

  4. Glen says:

    Can you link a UI16 with a UI24r

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