Source Audio ULTRAWAVE Distortion Pedal Release Looming

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Source Audio have been teasing us with the up-coming release of the ULTRAWAVE series one pedal. This unit is an update of Source Audio’s 2006 ‘Multiwave Distortion’ pedal – now with a heap of added features. Advanced tremolo options twinned with a new compression stage that can be added before / after each drive circuit instantly sets this pedal apart from its predecessor. The control of drive options is next level with this pedal – split your EQ into 10 bands with dedicated drive and level controls for each band… pretty neat. 

 Source Audio have created an ongoing thread and update page HERE for this release which gives the public a peek behind the curtain of the R&D process plus give feedback for this release. 50 BETA units will leave Source Audio this week to fall in the hands of musicians across the globe, Noisegate are very lucky to be included in this BETA run. Keep an eye out for ULTRAWAVE previews from us, very soon.


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 Source Audio says –   

 Say “Hello” to the Ultrawave Multiband Processor (beta version). In the next week or two we plan to release 50 limited edition beta versions of the Ultrawave and sell them through our  reverb.com store. Our goal is to get these pedals into the hands of some creative musicians who are interested in diving deep into what it can do (and it can do A LOT). We want to gather feedback and start building the Neuro Editor’s library of forward looking Community and Factory presets. This pedal is extremely far reaching, and we believe that all of you are going to take it to places we never imagined. Hit the link in Comments for more info on the Ultrawave. This should be fun, we can’t wait to hear what you do with our latest invention. 

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