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Clip On Tuner RoundUp

Clip-On Tuners Round Up!

[addtoany] Picture this: you show up to your big show, guitar or bass in tow, ready to rock! You set up for sound check, plug into your amp and strum your first chord only to realise you’re out of tune! And you’ve forgotten your tuning
Vintage Basses You Need to Sell Your Car For

Vintage Basses You Need to Sell Your Car For

Vintage basses harness and created the holy-grail tones many of us grew up listening to, be it the smooth tones of a 60’s Fender Precision bass or the mid-heavy punch of a Hofner Violin bass, bassists the world over would give their left leg for
NOISEGATE #ShopTalk Belfield Music

#ShopTalk – Belfield Music

Belfield Music is not just a Music store, but a destination music shop that provides an adventure, a journey and for many customers, a chance to have a dream fulfilled. We chat with Elias Moujaber about the store's philosophy, future plans, gear and more. Can you

Creative Extensions: New in Ableton Live 10 Suite

Just announced is “Creative Extensions”, a new FREE Pack for Ableton Live 10 Suite that stretches sound creation and transformation possibilities in Live to new boundaries. It comprises eight tools designed to enhance and expand the punch, color and texture achievable with Live.

Free Presets for Your Arturia Matrixbrute Synth

Free Presets for Your Arturia MatrixBrute Synth

The ARTURIA MatrixBrute is a beast of a synthesiser and is one of those synths you need to spend time with to fully realise the potential of the instrument, which in a way is limitless. For those of you who haven't had the time to program your
Universal Audio – Guitar & Bass Plugins

Universal Audio – Guitar & Bass Plugins

Today we take a look at three of the most intuitive guitar plugins available from Universal Audio on their UAD format. It has only been in recent years where software amp emulation has really taken giant steps in recreating tone and dynamics prevalent in tube
Recording Your Live Gig-Three Different Ways

Recording Your Live Gig-3 Different Ways

Every live performance is a unique event, and there are many reasons why artists, producers and managers may want to record them. Knowing whether the recording will be used to review and refine elements of the show, post on social media, produce a live album
The ESP E2 Australian Exclusive Bass Has Landed

The ESP E2 Australian Exclusive Bass Has Landed

ESP Australia recently landed a very limited batch of a one-off basses manufactured in their Japanese factory. The Lake Placid Blue Vintage 4 embodies a classic shape we all know and love with specs to suit the modern bassist. An alder body matched with Seymour