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Wireless Guitar or Wired Guitar ?

Wireless Guitar or Wired Guitar?

When you’re talking about guitars and instruments live onstage, which is better: wired or wireless cabling? The advantages and disadvantages are pretty much the same if you are in a gigging band, playing in a house of worship or just having fun with some friends.
The ESP E2 Australian Exclusive Bass Has Landed

The ESP E2 Australian Exclusive Bass Has Landed

ESP Australia recently landed a very limited batch of a one-off basses manufactured in their Japanese factory. The Lake Placid Blue Vintage 4 embodies a classic shape we all know and love with specs to suit the modern bassist. An alder body matched with Seymour
Bass Gear – What to watch out for in 2018!

Bass Gear – What to Watch Out for in 2018!

[addtoany] With the whirlwind that was NAMM 2018 over and out for another 12 months we take this chance to look back at our top 3 bass gear picks from the show. We think these releases will shake the bass world for 2018 and just
ESP Guitars USA – Made in America

ESP Guitars USA – Made in America

[addtoany] In 2014 ESP Guitars introduced a new range of American made models to the lineup. Based in North Hollywood California, the workshop has grown to offer ESP customers everything you’d expect from this prestigious brand and more but now in USA made configuration. Options
Player Profile: Craig Strain – Bass Lessons Melbourne

Player Profile: Craig Strain – Bass Lessons Melbourne

[addtoany] Melbourne bassist and teacher Craig Strain takes 5 to chat about his online teaching website, Bass Lessons Melbourne and all things bass… Who were the biggest influences you chose tap whilst learning bass? I started out as a metal-head when I was getting into
Effects Pedals for Bass Guitars

Effects Pedals Options for Bass Guitars

[addtoany] There are a lot of varying opinions on whether or not a bass player needs effects pedals, but going by the number of choices available on the market today, not only have they grown in popularity, they appear to have become the norm. Many
Digitech SDRUM is Now in Australia

Digitech SDRUM Drum Machine is NOW in Australia

[addtoany] Gone are the days of having your creative flow disrupted by searching through lists of drum beats you want thanks to the latest offering from pedal makers Digitech, with the new SDRUM. The Digitech SDRUM is the world’s first intelligent drum machine for guitarists