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Meet Arturia’s 3 Compressors You’ll Actually Use

Continuing Arturia’s theme of software bundles ‘you’ll actually use’ – Arturia have released 3 iconic compressor emulations using their exclusive TAE modelling technology, which brings rare hardware compressors into the digital domain, making them accessible to a whole new generation of music producers.   The French company has global clout for

The 1176 Compressor Celebrates 50 Years

Universal Audio 1176 Compressor Celebrates 50 Years

Upon its release in 1967 and throughout the 70’s, the 1176 Limiting Amplifier and was ubiquitous in professional studios as shag carpets, overflowing ashtrays, and brazen stained brown upholstery. It quickly became an instant classic because of its unique lightning-fast attack and release times, musical

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