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AKAI PRO FORCE: A Standalone Music Production and Performance Work Station

AKAI PRO FORCE: A Standalone Music Production Workstation

After weeks of leaked photos and info doing the rounds on the internet, Akai puts the rumours to rest with their announcement of FORCE –  A standalone production workstation which features “Ableton Push” style workflow, whilst providing musicians of all disciplines DAW-centric capability. It’s something

Bitwig Studio to go Modular in V3

The team at Bitwig have teased the upcoming version 3.0 of the DAW software and look set to deliver on their initial promise of a fully modular DAW environment. Dubbed ‘The Grid’, the modular environment will be split into 3 fairly self-explanatory divisions to build

Spatial Audio – The Tech Behind the Hype

Spatial Audio – The Tech Behind the Hype

Stereo in live sound has always been a concept honoured in name only. On PA systems of any reasonable size, in just about every performance space, no engineer is really mixing in stereo. The reasons are pretty simple – if you fully utilised the stereo


Samples From Mars are giving away a FREE pack of groove templates from a bunch of analogue drum machines. Titled Grooves From Mars it’s their most comprehensive collection of drum machine midi groove templates. They were created from 25 classic and modern drum machines, to
CLAIR GLOBAL Record World Events with Tascam

Clair Global Record World Events with Tascam

Clair Global or simply Clair, is undoubtedly the largest a professional sound reinforcement and live touring production support company in the world today. The company offers audio solutions; backline rental services; communication services; data services; and rehearsal facilities and is based in Lititz, Pennsylvania. This article first appeared in "Get

Free 808 Samples From Mars

In commemoration of Roland TR-808 day, Samples from Mars are giving away free 808 samples.  SFM are well respected for re-sampling classic synths and drum machines and recording them on to tape through a classic analogue signal path then converting the samples into folders ready to be

ADSR Release Free Sample Manager Plugin

The popular music production software store ADSR Sounds, have released a completely free sample manager plugin that automatically reads and sorts your samples into categories - without moving your samples from their current folders on your computer. Not content with that, ADSR have also enabled