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Street to Stage PA

Street to Stage: All-In-One PA Solutions

Being able to take your music or performance anywhere can be a very desirable thing for many musicians and performers alike. If you’re a street performer having something portable and preferably battery powered is desirable. If you want to take your act to another space,

Entech Roadshow Is Back for 2019

Entech Roadshow is Back for 2019

The ENTECH Roadshow is on again starting in Brisbane on 5th March, travelling through Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and concluding in Perth on Tuesday the 19th March. The ENTECH Roadshow tours every year and is where Pro Audio and the Tech community gather for seminars, professional

Sound Advice: Quality PA On a Budget

Sound Advice: Quality PA On a Budget

Many people these days are in need of a good quality PA system but can’t fork out the big bucks. Hire is always an option, but many prefer the convenience of having something at home they can quickly throw in the car and take to
NOISEGATE #ShopTalk Belfield Music

#ShopTalk – Belfield Music

Belfield Music is not just a Music store, but a destination music shop that provides an adventure, a journey and for many customers, a chance to have a dream fulfilled. We chat with Elias Moujaber about the store's philosophy, future plans, gear and more. Can you
SPL vs Watts: Which is Louder for Live Audio?

SPL vs Watts: Which Measurement to Use for Live Audio?

Like many people, I played in a band in high school and university. My personal instrument of choice was and still is bass guitar, and that meant I was constantly looking at getting larger bass amps and cabinets (we bassists are prone to being gear-heads
How to Buy Studio Monitors

How to Buy Studio Monitors

You need to have trust in your studio monitors, and as your best mate they should tell you like it is. No matter what your budget is when choosing a pair of studio monitors, you need to choose them with care and by taking these
What is a Stick PA?

What’s a “Stick” PA?

[addtoany] When it comes to modern PA systems you don’t have “stick” to traditional systems! Since the introduction of the Mackie SRM450 in 1997 self-powered speakers for the working musicians have largely remained the same. A simple black box with a 12” speaker, 1” tweeter and
PA Setups for Soloists & Singer Songwriters

PA Setups for Soloists & Singer Songwriters

[addtoany] Let's take a look at compact PA Setups for Soloists & Singer Songwriters. These small-format audio systems are a huge problem solver for many applications, because, let’s face it, one of the least enjoyable parts of being a performing musician is lugging gear around. It’s