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JBL Compact PA Systems Party Pack Promotion

It’s almost time to hit the stage again with small intimate performances and parties and to celebrate your post-lockdown gatherings, JBL  Professional Australia has come up with some compact “Party Pack” PA Systems to get started. There are 4 packs to choose from and they

Bluetooth Buyers Guide to Pro Level Gear

Buyers Guide: From Studio to Stage Bluetooth Goes Pro

When humans made the first tools in the Early Stone Age, one can imagine how quickly the trusty hammerstone would have become obsessed over. Perhaps a modern parallel could be made with our dependence on wireless technology. Since its induction in the late 1800’s, wireless

Portable speakers for your holiday gatherings

Portable Powered Speaker Systems for Your Holiday Gatherings

No matter whether you’re located the holiday season is fast approaching with gatherings, getaways and spontaneous jams being inevitable. For such events setting the vibe is key, thus having the right portable speaker system for music playback and mic/instrument connection is paramount. We’re not talking