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AKG: New K175, K245 & K275 Foldable Headphones

AKG: K175, K245 & K275 Foldable Headphones Review

The legends over at AKG have given us an exclusive first look at their brand-new line of professional headphones. First announced in 2017, the new line has finally landed in Australia with three models in the range, the K-175, the K-245 and lastly the K-275. 

AKG WMS40 Mini Wireless Range Gets Expanded

AKG’s WMS40 mini wireless mic and instrument systems have just got an exciting expansion with the introduction of the WMS40 mini US25 range, now available in Australia.   Extension The new US25 range offers four new fixed frequencies, Band A 537.500 MHz, Band B 537.900

CLAIR GLOBAL Record World Events with Tascam

Clair Global Record World Events with Tascam

Clair Global or simply Clair, is undoubtedly the largest a professional sound reinforcement and live touring production support company in the world today. The company offers audio solutions; backline rental services; communication services; data services; and rehearsal facilities and is based in Lititz, Pennsylvania. This article first appeared in "Get
Demystifying The Matrix

Demystifying The Matrix

In mixing live audio, everyone starts small, and that’s probably with a few channels mixed to the stereo bus, a couple of pre-fader aux sends of foldback, and a post-fader FX aux send, most likely on a small analogue mixer. As you progress and mix
SPL vs Watts: Which is Louder for Live Audio?

SPL vs Watts: Which Measurement to Use for Live Audio?

Like many people, I played in a band in high school and university. My personal instrument of choice was and still is bass guitar, and that meant I was constantly looking at getting larger bass amps and cabinets (we bassists are prone to being gear-heads
Beam Steering – Bending Acoustic Space with Time

Beam Steering – Fohhn AG Bending Acoustic Space

Beam steering is the art of getting a line array to ‘steer’ its output to wherever you want it to go, and nowhere you don’t. It’s a technique and technology commonly employed in acoustically challenging and reverberant spaces like airports, public buildings, and houses of
Microhire’s Passion for Adamson Goes up to S10

Microhire: The Passion for Adamson Goes Up to S10

Microhire are the largest Australian-owned corporate event staging company, employing 200 full time employees in multiple locations and over 40 venue contracts in both Australia and Fiji. Melbourne branch Microhire, proud in-house supplier to a number of leading venues, have purchased an Adamson S10 line
Behind the Scenes: Aisle 6 Production

Behind the Scenes: Aisle 6 Productions

[addtoany] Aisle 6 is a production company that lives and breathes audio, lighting and vision and specializes in events, live audio production hire and operates a recording studio facility. Noisegate have had the privilege of chatting with owner Scott Mullane about all things live audio