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Behind the Scenes of a Triple R Live to Air

Photo by: Naomi Lee Beveridge Though it may be a small and humble room; minimal décor, wooden floor boards and only 150 person capacity, the Triple R Performance Space has hosted as many prestigious musical guests as most well-known venues in Melbourne. Since first opening
Sound Advice: Quality PA On a Budget

Sound Advice: Quality PA On a Budget

Many people these days are in need of a good quality PA system but can’t fork out the big bucks. Hire is always an option, but many prefer the convenience of having something at home they can quickly throw in the car and take to
Front of House: With Bonnie Knight

Front of House: With Bonnie Knight

Whether you’ve been to see a stadium sized show of 50,000+ people in attendance or an intimate show of 50 punters, chances are there’s been a person who is usually one of the first to arrive at the venue and one of the last to
CLAIR GLOBAL Record World Events with Tascam

Clair Global Record World Events with Tascam

Clair Global or simply Clair, is undoubtedly the largest a professional sound reinforcement and live touring production support company in the world today. The company offers audio solutions; backline rental services; communication services; data services; and rehearsal facilities and is based in Lititz, Pennsylvania. This article first appeared in "Get
Demystifying The Matrix

Demystifying The Matrix

In mixing live audio, everyone starts small, and that’s probably with a few channels mixed to the stereo bus, a couple of pre-fader aux sends of foldback, and a post-fader FX aux send, most likely on a small analogue mixer. As you progress and mix
CHANGES music summit

CHANGES Music Summit

Over two days in July the CHANGES music summit will incorporate talks, live showcases and forum discussions that aim to ignite conversations around the future of the music industry. Featuring showcases from artists such as RVG, Cable Ties and Loose Tooth, and speakers from Pitchfork,
A Korg Manifesto: Six Diverse Artists Using Korg in 2018

Six Aussie Artists Who Love Korg Synths

[addtoany] 2018 marks an important year for Korg. It is the 50th anniversary of their first synthesiser; the Prototype 1. Over the past half-century Korg have established themselves within the industry of synthesis as innovative creators, becoming a household name synonymous with exciting sounds, professional
Monitor Mixing Basics

Monitor Mixing – Configuring the System

Any musician, singer or sound engineer knows the monitor mix can make or break a live show. After all, it’s very difficult to sing on pitch or play in time if you can’t clearly hear yourself or your fellow musicians. In this article we cover
I Built the Sky Feature

Player Profile: Rohan Stevenson – I Built The Sky

We met up with 'I Built the Sky’s' Rohan Stevenson and got chatting about how he got started in the Music Industry, his inspirations to songwriting and to find out about his favorite gear.  What sparked your interest in learning guitar? My dad plays guitar and
Dial in Your Personal PA Mix with Signal Processing

Dial in Your Personal PA Mix with Signal Processing

Check 1, 2  In this article we’ll cover signal processing for personal PAs. Hopefully after reading this article, you’ll be ready to dial in your personal PA mix to perfection with Signal Processing. Equalizers The equalizer (EQ) is probably the most important processor in the