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Maschine Mikro MK3: Making Beats

Mashine Mikro MK3: Making a Beat-First Look

Native Instruments have been going from strength to strength with Maschine, which has been integral to their product line since its inception in 2009. It's also been one of the most effective products at integrating their Komplete software eco-system. Last year, NI nailed it with

Free 808 Samples From Mars

In commemoration of Roland TR-808 day, Samples from Mars are giving away free 808 samples.  SFM are well respected for re-sampling classic synths and drum machines and recording them on to tape through a classic analogue signal path then converting the samples into folders ready to be

Artist Profile: In the Studio with SADIVA

SADIVA aka Hannah Keddy has been producing and performing her signature brand of lo-fi hip hop for sometime now. Having a passion for travel, soul music, and that “old-school flavour”, SADIVA gives us the rundown on her set-up, her inspiration, and her second album "MINUTES".
NI Release Expansions

Native Instruments Release Expansions

Native Instruments has announced the release of Expansions - packs inspired by the acclaimed Maschine Expansions series.The packs are specially tailored for Native Instruments products, including Massive, Battery 4, and Maschine. Native Instruments claim that the packs are more than just samples and loops, with each Expansion packed with
The 6th Men - Sir Foster and the DJs of the NBA

The 6th Men – Sir Foster and the DJs of the NBA

Recently, a colleague returned from the states and we got to chatting about his experiences at an NBA basketball game. Being in the music bizz, he instinctively noticed the impact of the music at the game. As he put it, “there was hardly a second