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Slate + Ash Release Incredible Sound Library for MPE Devices

Bespoke sound design team Slate + Ash have announced the commercial release of a new Native Instruments Kontakt based sound library called AURAS - specifically designed with MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression) devices in mind. We've been following the development of the MPE format closely over
et Musical with Ableton Live’s MIDI Devices

Get Musical with Ableton Live’s MIDI Devices

How many times have you opened a new Ableton Live Set and started pondering the blank slate of an empty Session View window, wondering where or how to begin. With practically infinite options, and perhaps little-to-no music theory knowledge, coming up with fresh chord progressions,

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) Spec

MIDI Manufacturers Association Releases MPE Spec

Midi Polyphonic Expression (MPE) brings new levels of expression to MIDI instruments and interfaces that ultimately enables notes to have their own, independent MIDI channel messages and expressive gestures. It's a big deal... The MIDI Manufacturer's Association has now released the spec for MPE and
Syncing A Eurorack Modular To Ableton Live

Syncing a Eurorack Modular to Ableton Live

Alan Gleeson from ADSR has released a useful video tutorial  demonstrating the ways in which Ableton Live's built in devices can be used to sync Ableton with Eurorack setups. These handy tricks are a great way to control your Eurorack setup from your computer without