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Behind the Score: The Virgin Suicides

The moody soundtrack for the Sofia Coppola’s dreamy masterpiece The Virgin Suicides is inextricable from the film’s sticky wonderland inhabited by the Lisbon sisters and the teenage boys who feverishly obsess over their demise. French duo Air, composed of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, were

The Art of Synthesis: Melbourne Synth Festival 2018

If you are into LFO's, High Pass Filters, VCO's, DCO's, Envelopes, DSP, Aftertouch, ADSR's, CV's, MIDI, Arpeggiators or simply just keys, then this event will certainly trigger your Multi-Timbral. As part of Melbourne Music Week, Australian Musician, MESS and PBS 106.7 the inaugural Melbourne Synth Festival
Behind the Score: Suspiria by Goblin

Behind The Score: Suspiria by Goblin

Welcome back to Noisegate’s special series called Behind The Score. We are very excited to present these  bi-monthly investigative articles, which will explore all the nerdy details and behind-the-scenes secrets of your favourite synthesised film soundtracks. We’ve already covered the infamously intricate Wendy Carlos Moog
The Art of Synthesis - Arturia

The Art of Synthesis According to Arturia

At their core, analog synthesisers are potentially unexciting and lifeless boxes of electronic components. It’s one thing to tune an oscillator to produce a musically relevant pitch, but constructing an inspiring, playable musical instrument is another discipline entirely. In our ‘Art of Synthesis’ series, we examine
5 Drum Machines That'll Help You Get Weird

5 Drum Machines That’ll Help You Get Weird

Whether it’s a pounding synthesised kick or randomly generated glitch patterns, sometimes percussion that’s a little unusual and experimental can really make a track. The bread and butter sounds of classic drum machines are great and all, but with some of the powerful machines on
Steve Williams Feature

Steve Williams: Addicted to Synths

Steve Williams is addicted to synthesisers and his vast synth collection verifies that. Amongst his collection are rare vintage synths such as the British EMS VCS-3 (as used by Pink Floyd on “Dark Side of The Moon”) and the Australian Fairlight Series IIx and CMI