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Spitfire Audio Add New PADS Instrument to their Free LABS Plugin

Spitfire Audio are a British music-tech company, born out of the founders' disapointment with then-current orchestral sample libraries. Initially a private venture between themselves and an exclusive list of fellow composers and producers, the high-end orchestral libraries eventually became public and now Spitfire have collaborated
What is Compression? Definitions & Functions

What is Compression? Definitions & Functions

The simplest definition of the function of a compressor is attenuating the level of an audio signal or amplifying a quiet one. However a compressor is a much more elaborate device - whether a plugin or hardware. Design There is more than one design for a

ADSR Release Free Sample Manager Plugin

The popular music production software store ADSR Sounds, have released a completely free sample manager plugin that automatically reads and sorts your samples into categories - without moving your samples from their current folders on your computer. Not content with that, ADSR have also enabled

Arturia Announce Vintage Filter & Preamp Emulation Plugins

Not content with incredible sounding vintage synthesiser software emulations, French manufacturers Arturia have announced their family of software filters: the Mini-Filter based on Moog's iconic ladder filter,  SEM-Filter based on Oberheim's legendary SEM multi-mode filter, and M12-Filter based on Oberheim's later expanded multi-mode filter from