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Denise Create the Perfect Room Supernatural Reverb

Denise Create the Perfect Room Supernatural Reverb

Denise continues to release great simple and easy to use new plugins and they have followed up with the Perfect Room “Supernatural Reverb” that contains a unique algorithm to enhance natural character & colouration. Denise goes on to explain that “ Classic algorithmic reverb plugins

Waves Takes Plugins to Version 11

Software developer Waves have shown admirable restraint (thus far) with the announcement of version 11 of their popular line of professional audio plugins to not throw in any off-hand Spinal Tap references, a task I often struggle with. Waves V11 brings with it a tantalizing

Denise Bad Tape Feature

Denise Make a Bad Tape Sound Good

Denise has just added ‘Bad Tape’ to their expanding range of easy-to-use little plug-ins. They describe Bad Tape as an effect plugin that emulates the slowing down of a reel to reel tape recorder in real-time. According to denise the inspiration for the Bad Tape

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