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How to Get a Job in Pro Audio in Australia

How to Get a Job in Pro Audio in Australia

If you’re just starting out in your career in pro audio, it’s hard to get your first real paid job. Maybe you’ve been learning your way around a mixer at school, in church, or at gigs for your friend’s band. You’ve probably figured out by

#ShopTalk – Oxygen Music & College

Oxygen Music is a locally owned and operated independent music store in Geelong that provides specialist departments including Guitars and Amps, Pianos and Keys, Drums, Pro Audio and Recording, Band and Orchestral, Print Music, School Education, Repairs and Servicing. But it doesn't stop there, Oxygen also
What is Word Clock?

What is Word Clock?

Poke around in the settings of your digital audio device, and you’ll find Word Clock options. Every digital audio device needs a Word Clock. Most have Word Clock generators built-in, some have to take their clock signal from another device. But what is it exactly?
Universal Audio UAD-2 Live Rack Has Arrived

The Universal Audio UAD-2 Live Rack Has Arrived

The name ‘Universal Audio’ is legendary throughout the pro audio world, particularly in the recording industry as their founder Bill Putnam was responsible for many game changing innovations including recording techniques, concepts, and of course hardware. These celebrated contributions have been long enjoyed and utilised
Soundcraft Notepad 12FX

Soundcraft Notepad 12FX-More Than an Analogue Mixer

We were recently able to get our hands on the Soundcraft Notepad 12FX, the largest in the Notepad family of compact analogue mixers. Yeah, cool story bro. We know right? But when we teamed up with DJ extraordinaire Leroy to lay down some dubby vibes,

Making Electronic Music, Computer Free

At the dawn of the 21st century, as the home computer became powerful enough to actually be useful, so too did music software. By the mid-2000s, enamoured by shiny new programs like Ableton Live, Cubase, Reason and Fruity Loops, it seemed many users and manufacturers