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Behind the Score: A Clockwork Orange

Behind The Score: A Clockwork Orange by Wendy Carlos

The stark opening to the Stanley Kubrick classic A Clockwork Orange is the perfect meeting of alarming stimulus; a screen bathed in blood red and three unsettling synthesised sounds melting downwards in pitch and tonality. These otherworldly sounds are followed by synthesised timpani hits and
Artist Profile – Evelyn Ida Morris

Artist Profile – Evelyn Ida Morris

Musician, producer and studio engineer, Evelyn Ida Morris is a celebrated figure in the Melbourne music community. Having released music for many years under the name Pikelet and contributing as a multi-instrumentalist to many bands such as Baseball, True Radical Miracle and Grand Salvo, this
Steve Williams Feature

Steve Williams: Addicted to Synths

Steve Williams is addicted to synthesisers and his vast synth collection verifies that. Amongst his collection are rare vintage synths such as the British EMS VCS-3 (as used by Pink Floyd on “Dark Side of The Moon”) and the Australian Fairlight Series IIx and CMI