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Retro Meets Modern – Guide to CD Players

CD’s, just the term sounds “retro” these days let alone cassettes tapes, but low and behold CD's are still here. And despite the CD market gradually slowing due to the music streaming era we’re in right now, the CD format still maintains sales and distribution
Revival of Cassette Tape

Is the Cassette Tape Making a Comeback?

Maybe it's time to do your next mixtape on, erm, real tape? Or maybe not... Though digital music accounts for much of what we now listen to, old school formats like vinyl and audio cassettes steadfastly refuse to disappear. The former is enjoying something of

Tascam DR-10L: Perfect for Mobile Live Recording

Sometimes the tiniest gear has the biggest weight on its shoulders. Like capturing a bride’s speech, or the sound of a car blowing up for a movie. Tascam knows it, and has built the tiny DR-10L beltpack recorder to happily record high-quality audio all day

NAMM 2018 Roundup: Live Sound

With NAMM 2018 now wrapping up we now take a look at some of the interesting news and new releases during the show amongst the Live Sound platform and community.  STAR OF THE SHOW: AKG C636 Microphone Having been awarded the Technical and Creative Achievement in Microphones
The Noisegate Producers Xmas Gift Guide

The Noisegate Producers Xmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again when we all go into a shopping frenzy trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for our friends and family. Maybe you love Christmas and get right into the spirit of it, or maybe you would rather swallow