Tascam Announce Model 16 – A Standalone Multi-Track Recorder, Mixer and USB Interface

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Overnight Japanese manufacturer Tascam, announced a little brother to their popular retro-styled Model 24 called the Model 16. It’s identical in function to the 24, with some minor tweaks and (predictably) scaled down to 16-track format. The added side benefit of the scale-down is that it’s now rack-mountable in a standard 19″ rack.

The unit functions as a standalone multi-track recorder – recording to SD card, a 14 track analogue mixer and a 16 track USB interface. A one-stop-shop for all your signal-mixing needs. The Model 16’s 14 analogue inputs provide connections for microphones, line inputs, and instruments. Channels 1-8 feature premium XLR mic inputs utilizing Tascam’s Ultra High Definition microphone preamps with 48-volt phantom power. This setup allows combinations of vocals, drums, mic’d instruments, and more to be connected along with direct output instruments such as keyboards, bass or acoustic guitar, multi-effects, electronic drums or any line sources.

Channels 9-10 and 11-12 feature a single XLR mic input, each with stereo 1/4” line inputs. Channels 13-14 feature a stereo RCA and mini jack input. Or, alternatively an external Bluetooth device can be connected to the Model 16’s wireless channel for controlling streaming audio volume via the Channel 13-14 fader control.

More info via Tascam’s website here.

Here’s how it looks size-wise next to the Model 24.

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