Tascam Announce Network Capable CD/SD Card Players

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The TASCAM models SS-R250N and SS-CDR250N are the ideal SD card recorder/players having a variety of features with extensive terminal equipment applications and business applications. An FTP client function is added which enables the exchanges of sound source data with others via server communication. You can also keep the starting time accurate for recording and playback based on time management via SNTP.

The Solid state recorder is fast becoming an industry standard replacing more traditional methods of data storage. The SS-R250N and SS-CDR250N offer the ability to be connected to a network to remotely access data, upload and download data at specific times and are also configured for an optional Dante card allowing the unit to be placed in any existing Dante network. This makes it ideal for council chambers, department stores BGM and as backups for recording studios.

Tascam SS-R250/SS-CDR250N Features:
  • FTP Client function enables automatic uploading of recorded files or downloading audio files from the server
  • Event List for recording, playback, download and other functions can be operated automatically based on the time set
  • Time setting via SNTP Client function enables event management with more accuracy
  • Automatic Upload function enables recorded files to be uploaded automatically
  • Supports recording and playback of high-resolution files up to 96kHz / 24bit
  • Dual SD memory card slot permits mirror and relay recording

Click here for full specifications.

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The Optional DANTE card for the Tascam SS-CD/R250N Players
The Optional DANTE card for the Tascam SS-CD/R250N Players

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