Technics’ Amazing Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra

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Those crazy cats at Technics / Panasonic are at it again. In no doubt one of the dopest videos you will see this year, the company has put together the worlds first philharmonic turntable orchestra.

The performance — which opens with a loop of Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64” — was comprised of 30 world-class DJ’s each equipped with a turntable, mixer and various orchestral recordings and samples on vinyl. Amongst the performers were legendary turntablists DJ Qbert and DJ Kentaro. Dj Sarasa, who was responsible for triangle and female chorus parts, took to Youtube to inform viewers that the performance was ‘3 full days of intense practice and rehearsal with the 30 DJs. With the tough posture on the floor for hours, and team members getting sick from lack of sleep and intensive shoot, it wasn’t easy.’

Just two months after Technics unveiled its new $20,000 turntable, the SL1000R, and $10,000 SP-10R model.But enough from us. Check out the video!


Qbert (1992-1994 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200GR

Mr.Switch (2014 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200LTD

Swamp (1996 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200 MK5

Kentaro (2002 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200GR & SL-1200GR

Yasa (2007-2011 DMC World Team Champion as KIREEK) on SL-1200MK3D

Hi-C (2007-2011 DMC World Team Champion as KIREEK) on SL-1200MK5

Izoh (2012 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200MK5

Rena (2017 DMC World Champion : The youngest champion ever) on SL-1200MK5 & SL-1200 MK3

6th Generation on SL-1200MK3D Bahn on SL-1200MK5

Baku on SL-1200MK5

Bori on SL-1200MK5

Bunta on SL-1200MK3D

D-Styles on SL-1200G

Dom-Auto on SL-1200MK3D

Doon on SL-1200MK3D

Fummy on SL-1200MK5

Hiroshi on SL-1200MK3D

Ina Takayuki on SL-1200MK3D

Jifrock on SL-1200MK3

Ken-one on SL-1200MK3D

Miyajima on SL-1200MK3D

OM on SL-1200MK3D

Reiko on SL-1200MK3D

Sarasa on SL-1200MK3D

Shota on SL-1200MK5G

To-Ru on SL-1200MK3

Wa-ta on SL-1200MK5G

Yone on SL-1200MK5

You-ki on SL-1200MK3D

Technics' Amazing Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra
Technics’ Amazing Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra

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