The Technics SL-1200 Returns Again, This Time With DJs in Mind

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Panasonic have just confirmed the rumours at the CES 2019 trade show in Las Vegas, the SL-1200 is set to return once again, this time with DJs squarely in the target demographic, and without messing too much with the tried and true formula of the original MK2 legend. 

The Technics SL 1200MK2 turntable is one of the most revered products in the music industry, released in the early ’70s they maintained production until early 2010 where they where finally discontinued. Along the way, they introduced a few more models into the range however it was the gold standard of quality of the 1200MK2 that made it’s way into millions of DJ’s bedrooms and can still be seen in 1000’s of clubs around the world today.  Meet DJ who owns a pair of Technics and they will tell you that once you own a pair, you’ll have them for life.

Panasonic discontinued the production of 1200’s in 2010 with a short re-launch of the redesigned 1200G and 1200 GAE models in 2016 which were built from the ground up and designed for the audiophile market. These models were enormously expensive and received criticism from the DJ and club community – arguably Technics’ most faithful and passionate consumers.

It’s not clear if this latest announcement of the 1200 MK7 was always in the pipeline, or if it was birthed from the disappointment of the 1200 G models and we’re still not clear on the price (let’s hope something more reasonable than $4K), however the announcement is sure excite many of those DJs and vinyl lovers who are sure to have their nostalgia triggered from the feeling of owning their first pair, manifested through a fresh looking new Technics 1200MK7.

Here’s what we know:

  • The MK7 features a new coreless direct drive motor designed to eliminate stuttering
  • Replaceable phono and power cables
  • Additional brake / torque adjustments
  • reverse platter play
  • torque adjust for starting / stopping the spinning platter
  • matte black chassis and tonearm
  • fully digital pitch control fader with ±8/16% ranges
  • built from aluminum and fiberglass to reduce vibrations on high-volume, bass heavy stages
  • LED strobe that can illuminate in red or blue colors
  • White LED pop-up stylus light

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