The Universal Audio OX is Here!

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We have been fortunate enough to get our hands on the brand new OX Amp Top Box, a revolutionary product from the geniuses at Universal Audio.

In short, the OX is a world class reactive load box that allows you to use your valve guitar amp wherever, and whenever you like. With the Universal Audio OX, you can crank the volume of your valve amp and find its sweet spot without annoying the rest of the band and neighborhood. It offers 6 preset volumes for playing with headphones, at home, and with a band.

There are also built-in speaker cabinet and microphone emulations, perfect for recording and sending out to the front of house at gigs. The cabs and mics have been expertly designed to get the ideal tone from your amp, which all can be edited from the free app for both Mac and iPad. Download Here:

Really, there isn’t anything else on the market quite like this. No other product offers a premium amp attenuator as well as a full scope of speaker cabinet and microphone modelling in one package. This is a solution for a lot of guitarists out there. We predict a lot of guitarists using this exclusively with their amp heads instead of having a mic set up on their cab.

The Universal Audio OX is Here!

So if you love the sound of your tube amp but hate turning it up to full to make it sound good, then, Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box is the answer. Get your favourite, cranked sound at any volume, and with speaker, mic & cabinet modelling, you can tailor your tone!


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