Three Instagram Guitarists You Should be Following

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Instagram has become a surprisingly effective and practical tool for musicians to network and share content globally.  Ever since videos were introduced to the platform, guitarists could upload their favorite licks or anything that they could cram into the 1 minute time slot and catapult it out into the digital world. Some guitarists have grown to have hundreds of thousands of followers by uploading steady informative content on the social media platform. It is also no surprise that these guys also have the chops to back up the stats.

Here are 3 guitarists that are ‘Instagram Famous’ and you need to check out right now…

Mateus Asato

Brazillian born Mateus Asato is one of the most prolific guitarists on Instagram. With over half a million followers and his technically flawless chops, it was only a matter of time before guitar companies would come knocking on his door offering endorsements. Mateus released info on his signature line of guitars through Suhr Guitars in January, this design sees him following the classic strat vibe with an HSS pickup configuration for ultimate versatility. Mateus can now be found playing guitar for American singer songwriter Tori Kelly all over the globe.

Mateus Asato Instagram


Mateus Asato
Melanie Faye Instagram Guitarists

Melanie Faye 

Nashville based Melanie Faye combines R&B chordal choices with straight up groove. Sitting on her bedroom floor jamming without backing tracks is generally the vibe for Melanie and it works. With over 135,000 followers she can be seen on her feed jamming with Francesca Simone (guitarist for Beyonce) and even Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith). This 20 year old is just getting started but already creating big waves in the industry, her recent collab with Mac De Marco seeing over 250,000 hits on YouTube in 2 months.

Melanie Faye Instagram Account

Nick Johnston

Canadian guitarist Nick Johnston has blown onto the scene with his tasteful blues-infused stylings, leading his own instrumental project Nick has recently toured all over the world spreading his shred-gospel. Nick’s earlier Instagram offerings lured the avid guitarist in with his tasty blues-fusion approach, single coil arpeggiated licks a dominant vibe. Nicks recent album ‘Remarkably Human’ received critical acclaim with artists such as Brian Beller (Joe Satriani / Steve Vai) and Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree / King Crimson) featuring alongside Nick.

Three Instagram Guitarists Nick Johnston


Nick Johnston Instagram Guitarists

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