Traktor Pro 3.2.0 Harmonic Mixing Update Now in Public Beta

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TRAKTOR Pro 3.2.0, dubbed the “harmonic mixing update” is now in public beta testing and is set to include redesigned harmonic mixing features plus a new version of the Elastique 3 time stretching algorithm.  

The harmonic mixing feature takes Traktor’s already solid key lock mixing functionality a step further with the option to pitch the track up and down up down semitones, as well as displaying the original key of the playing track in the notation of your choice. It also features  Elastique 3.3.2 time stretching algorithm with NI telling us that “Your tracks will sound more present, and transients will maintain their definition when pitching up or down. 

Here’s a list of all the new features, straight from NI:

New Key Widget replacing former Key Lock button
This new widget prominently provides the core features for harmonic mixing all in one place right at your fingertips: Key Lock on/off, coloured resulting key display and semitone up/down controls.

Semitone up/down key control in Key Widget
When engaging Key Lock the Key Widget displays semitone up/down buttons enabling you to pitch the track up down the track in musically correct steps.

Display of resulting key in Key Widget
When engaging Key Lock the button displays the original key of the playing track in the notation of your choice. This enables you to find the next matching track easily be following the rules of harmonic mixing.

Display offset between resulting and original in key widget
When engaging Key Lock the button below the resulting key displays the offset from the track’s original key in steps of semitones. This enables you to avoid too large offsets, which may result in audio degradation.

Optionally display resulting key in Deck Header
Optionally the resulting key can also be displayed in the deck header, by selecting the option “Resulting Key” in the Deck Header section of the “Track Decks” Preferences tab. This value also displays the resulting key without engaging key lock, by showing the closest full semitone along with the current offset in cents.

Highlight for tracks matching the MASTER deck’s key
When engaging Key Lock on the current Master Deck, all matching keys will be highlighted in the browser, enabling you to select the next matching song in your set. How exactly the keys are highlighted can be personalised in a preference setting.

Option to personalise highlighting of key colour in browser
A new preference option in the “Browser” tab of the preferences allows you to customise the way, matching keys will be highlighted in the key column of the browser.

Check out the full list of updates via the Native Instruments forum here.

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