Traktor S4 MK3 Tips & Tricks: FX & Remix Decks Tutorials

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In this two-part video tutorial series, we’re going to have a look at some tips and tricks on some of the new features introduced on the Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK3 DJ controller.

FX Section.

Native Instruments introduced a new FX section on the S4 MK3 called Mixer FX. If you’re already familiar with many standard models of DJ mixers on the market these will make a lot of sense to you. For this who aren’t, they are independently assignable FX that can be controlled by one knob per channel and each channel also has an effect kill switch.


The FX Select section is where you can choose 1 of 4 FX that can be assigned to any deck, plus you have the option to switch to a Filter as well.

What’s great about this FX section is that you aren’t limited to using just 1 effect at a time, you can actually assign any of the four effects or the filter to any channel in any combination that you like.

Example, on channel 2, you can hold the FX 1 and assign the effect by pressing FX on/off button, then move to channel 3 and assign FX 4 to that deck.

Now if you’re not sold on all these effects, you actually have up to 8 effects that can be assigned to any of these 4 effects slots – go to settings>mixer effects>and from the drop-down menu choose from any of these effects.

Remix Decks and Samples.

Old school Traktor user’s will be familiar with Traktor’s Remix Decks. But if you’re new to Traktor or a looking around for a different controller, check this out as we are going to show you how it works.


Traktor’s remix decks have long been a part of what makes Traktor such a creative and powerful DJ system. They allow you to trigger any one-shot samples or loops from the pads on your hardware, which is great for adding new and interesting elements to a live set.

On deck B you can have a track loaded, and on deck D have a Remix Sample Deck loaded. You simply need to press the samples button to access your samples. The top row of pads will display your samples.

You can have 16 samples loaded in each of the 4 columns on the remix decks and if you want to switch between these, select the pad below the sample you wish to change and turn the browse encoder. The display screen will show you what sample you have selected.

You can change the volume or add a filter to each sample by pressing the pad below the sample and turning the MOVE and LOOP encoder. You can click the encoder to return to the default position.

By far one of our favourite new features on the S4 MK3 is recording a loop from these samples using the 16-step sequencer. First, we’ll play the track and record a sequence over the top.

You can press and hold to mute samples, or simply press to stop the sample entirely.

When using Sync and setting your Track as the master, the remix deck will play this loop perfectly in time with your track, even when you change the tempo.

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