Turn The Korg Volca Drum into a Velocity Sensitive Beast with this MaxForLive Ableton Device

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Today a very useful free MaxForLive device called Velo2VolcaD landed in our inboxes from a couple of absolute Ableton wizards — Pete MIDI and Tobi Hunke (aka Ableton Drummer).

The idea is, you have a pad controller like Ableton’s own Push or Arturia’s BeatStep that detects the velocity of your hits (how hard you’re hitting the pads) and sends a MIDI control signal to a parameter on the Korg Volca Drum so the sound changes organically with the velocity of your hits.   In fact, they’ve given you the option to control 6 different parameters on all 6 parts. This adds some incredible possibilities to the already powerful Volca Drum, we can’t wait to try it out.

Download here 

Check out the demo and walkthrough (playing starts at 5:38):

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