Tutorial: Creating Complex Effects utilizing MIDI Control with the Source Audio Collider

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Having the Source Audio Collider for a week has been a blast, it’s without a doubt one of the nicest sounding pedals of its kind out there. Impressive specs and numbers are one thing, but the sound is obviously most important¬† — and it absolutely delivers. But rather than just do a standard demo/review like the many out there already, I thought I’d have a crack at making use of its MIDI control and seeing what musical results we can muster with a bit of tinkering.
It’s certainly not unusual for effect pedals to have MIDI control, but I don’t see and hear much about it outside of guitarists adding some extra control via MIDI pedals and footswitches. Nothing wrong with that of course, it’s just not me! I like synthesisers and soundscapes. That’s my jam. So I hooked up my Elektron Digitone (ideal for the task since it’s both a fantastic synthesizer and MIDI sequencer) and got to work.

I ended up getting some really great results when sequencing the Beat Division Switch in Reverse Delay mode and the Shimmer Reverb Crossfade, creating a complex wobbly delay line with slow crashing waves of shimmer-ness. Really lovely and epic. Check out the video below! And stay tuned for more Source Audio demos coming soon from the rest of the team.


The Source Audio Collider Delay+Reverb is available in Australia now, find your local retailer here.


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