Tutorial: Korg SQ-64 Sequencer Workflow

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Got synths? Need sequencing? That’s what I thought, keep reading because we had a little sit down with Korg’s new SQ64 polyphonic hardware sequencer. This little mini machine is built like a tank and offers everything you need for sequencing all your hardware (or software) synths and drum machines. The SQ64’s real superpower here is its ability to nestle neatly into your studio workflow seamlessly and control a very wide range of devices from complex modular Euro rack systems through to software instruments.

The SQ-64 has a 64-step pad matrix that displays the full 64 steps of for each of its 4 lanes of sequencing, useful for getting a clear vision over the entire sequence pattern without the need for switching between groups of 16 like most sequencers on the market. The pads can also be used as a keyboard for creating musical melody ideas and there are plenty of creative performance pattern options like randomisation, step repeat, an arpeggiator and poly-rhythm.

Check our walk-through video.


  • A MIDI/CV sequencer that can also be used as a standalone unit
  • The A–C tracks are used as a sequencer with a maximum of eight notes polyphony when transmitting MIDI notes
  • The D track is used as a 16-part drum sequencer (parts 1–8 can output triggers)
  • Up to 64 project files that include sequences and other data for each track can be saved
  • Pads with a smooth touch surface allow users to slide their finger for continuous input
  • Easy to read OLED display, which can display multiple details
  • LEDs on the back of   the housing indicate the control voltage status for each track
  • Stylish design features a metal chassis with a high-class feel, in a size that’s easy to carry

Expect to pay AUD $499.00

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