UK Techno Producer Randomer on Creating Richer Kick Drums with Kontakt

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Believe it or not, it is possible to make earth-shattering techno without touching any 808 or 909 drum machine samples. UK producer Randomer recently demonstrated his technique for creating harmonically rich kicks with Native Instruments Kontakt at Native Sessions London.

With a string of records on labels such as Dekmantel, Turbo Recordings, and L.I.E.S., and a history of releases that encompass the worlds of techno, drum and bass and more, Randomer is at the top of his game. Divulging secrets about his sample sourcing and manipulation techniques in KONTAKT, Randomer explains how he’s been able to fashion the low, thudding kick drum sound, perfect for modern day techno productions.

Here’s a couple of Randomer’s finished tracks in which you can clearly hear his techniques in action.


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