Universal Audio: Buy An Apollo Rack and get a FREE UAD-2 Satellite

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It’s no secret that Universal Audio’s Apollo audio interfaces have become a gold standard amongst professional producers and top engineers. The combination of top tier A/D converters, the bundled ‘Realtime Analogue Classics Plus’ suite of UAD plug-ins and the on board DSP processing makes the Apollo series an absolute class leader. But if you were that smarty-pants waiting for a special offer before you make the jump into UA’s world of high-end audio, it’s your time to shine. From October 1 2017 until December 31 2017, UA are giving you a free UAD-2 Satellite DSP processor with any Apollo purchase. That’s a whole lot of power.

  • If you buy an Apollo 8p or Apollo 16 Thunderbolt audio interface you’ll get a Satellite Thunderbolt OCTO.
  • If you buy an Apollo 8 DUO or Apollo 8 QUAD Thunderbolt audio interface you’ll get a Satellite Thunderbolt QUAD
  • If you buy an Apollo FireWire audio interface you’ll get a Satellite FireWire QUAD

That’s a saving of at least AUD$1000 guys. And you’re not likely to run out of processing power any time soon.

The UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerators are a sleek, powerful way for Thunderbolt-equipped Mac users to “supercharge” their systems and run larger mixes filled with UAD plug-ins. The convenient desktop units give you full access to UA’s award-winning plug-in library, including exclusive titles from Studer, Lexicon, Neve, and more. With improved performance and reduced plug-in latency versus FireWire, UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt is a professional solution for UAD plug-ins, and an ideal DSP expander for Apollo audio interfaces.

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Included with the Realtime Analog Classics Plus Bundle is: UA 610‐B, Fairchild 670 Legacy, Teletronix LA‐2A Legacy, UA 1176LN Legacy, UA 1176SE Legacy, Pultec EQP‐1A Legacy, Pultec Pro Legacy, CS-1 (Precision Channel), EX-1 (Precision Channel), DM-1 (Precision Channel), DM-1L (Precision Channel), RS-1 (Precision Channel), UA Precision Enhancer Hz, Raw Distortion, Softube Amp Room Half‐Stack, Softube Bass Amp Room 8X10 and RealVerb‐Pro.